Extraterrestrial Visitors on 7 November 2009?

Here in Boulder we enjoy many remarkable acts of nature. Looking skyward often offers fantastic aerial phenomena, including these striking cloud formations...

¨Dawn Skyshow Over The Boulder Flatirons on 12 Dec. 2010

Since moving to the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains I have enjoyed frequent sightings of these spectacular altocumulus standing lenticularis or lenticular cloud formations. Where stable moist air flows over a mountain or a range of mountains, a series of large-scale standing waves are formed on the downwind side. If the temperature at the crest of the wave drops to the dew point moisture in the air may condense to form lenticular clouds also sometimes known as "lee clouds," "wave clouds," "Clouds of Heaven," or "Angelships." As the moist air moves back down into the trough of the wave, the cloud may evaporate back into vapor...

UFO OVNI Glastonbury on SBS

Space Plane Caught By Satellite Around Moon

Disclose.tv - Space plane caught by satellite around moon Video


UFO Over Lake Erie

Silvia Pérez Simondini - Faced with this, UFO...

UFO - alien spacecraft

"UFO" has become synonymous with "alien spacecraft" in many people's minds, but it merely means "unidentified flying object." Sci Fi Channel dispatches newsman Bryant Gumbel to Suffolk, England, to investigate a UFO Invasion at Rendlesham. American airmen at British bases in Rendlesham Forest have been haunted for two decades by the mystery of what they saw in 1980.

Loch Ness monster 'seen twice'

A retired detective whose father captured one of the most famous images of the Loch Ness monster has reopened the debate over the beast's existence by claiming he has seen it twice.

Simon Dinsdale, a retired police detective from Essex, insists that the two minute film recorded 50 years ago by his father, a famous Nessie-hunter, is genuine.

Read more:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8197760/Loch-Ness-monster-seen-twice.html

Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter From 1948

Awesome or Off-Putting is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, aliens, medical marvels, scientific wonders, secret societies, government conspiracies, cults, ghosts, EVPs, ancient artifacts, strange facts, odd sightings or just the plain unexplainable.

90% of the time people sight UFOs it ends up being a comet, a misidentified airplane, or a child who’d sucked too much helium and floated way up into the sky. That last one is personal experience.

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Nibiru - Sakloth - Its visible NOW


Real Life On Mars