UFO Over Stanbury, West Yorkshire - UFO over Stanbury, West Yorkshire Video

Accidental footage taken of UFO event near Haworth, West Yorkshire. Oct 27 2010. The video was shot over a month ago but wasn't looked at until yesterday. The clip is shown at -0.125x that of normal speed. In real time the flight of the UFO from Standbury to where we stood (S/E to N/W) took less than 2 seconds and was not discernible at the time. Also, notice the black orb, then stationary, above the head of my friend. It's amazing to us that we did not see this as it was happening, but there was no sound, only that of the wind, and we were both wearing hoods, which obscured our upward vision to some degree. The shot was taken between 2- 3pm in the afternoon. If anyone else witnessed this please get in touch! Incidentally, I have tried twice to email this clip to BUFORA and each time the process was interupted?


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