Reverse Engineered Alien Technology! By AlienSci - Reverse Engineered Alien Technology! By AlienSci Video

New from AlienScientist: The REAL X-Files Part 2... Reverse Engineer an Alien Spacecraft discovering the amazing science behind Invisibility (Metamaterials), Anti-Gravity (Torsion Field Physics), Nano-photo-optical quantum computers(Quasicrystals), and MORE!

By aligning the photonic band gaps for all visible frequencies it renders the ship invisible to those frequenceis. The ship can also do this for a wide range of selective frequencies... such as radar.

This craft uses Superfluid Helium 3 as opposed to the TR-3B and the Nazi Bell craft which use Mercury Plasma centrifuges. Both systems work to produce the same effect. A warped gravitational field around the ship and the creation of an isolated inertial reference frame.

All of the information in this video is the result of over 3 years of my research into witness reports of UFO crash sites, and my attempts as a scientist to reverse engineer the technology based upon them.

None of the pictures used in this video depict actual Roswell debris, nor any other debris of proven non-terrestrial origin and intelligent design. The photos are from various websites and college textbooks.

Sources Include but not limited to:
"Behold a Pale Horse" - William Cooper
"Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" - Dr. Paul LaViolette
Disclosure Project Eye Witness Reports

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Useful Quasicrystals - J. Dubois (World, 2005)
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