Marco Island Lights Tuesday 9-14-2010

This video was taken along the edge of the beach at Marco Island, Florida at 9:04 pm. This video is part 4 from what was originally shot from our 7th story balcony where we were vactioning.
These lights have been changing positions appearing and disappearing for roughly half an hour while suspended over the Gulf Of Mexico. Our group has been joined by 3 additional witnesses to these lights. We were told by one witness to this that the lights have been appearing along this area for almost two months now.

This was taken at 8:40 pm from the 7th story balcony of a condo here in Marco Island Florida. The lights pulsated in a yellowish-amber color appearing very much like flares symmetrically suspended in the sky. This video is a continuation of Pt1:
The lights will change their positions 5-6 times during their appearance. In this video they switch or reappear into a shallow V-shaped formation 1:20 into the video.

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