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  1. I live in bentleigh Melbourne australia & I saw a massive contrail this morning at 10.30 AM.

    I was sitting outside, the sky a CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE, clear and not a breeze. I was actually admiring this beautiful day, (as the weather this summer has been very unseasonal and like I have never experience in my life). Then a white plane flwe right over the top of our house and in the direction of melbourne city. As it flew it was billowing a mass of white smoke which was thick, white adn didn't dissapate. i ran upstairs for more photos on my mb and took photos every 10 or so minutes thereafter. what really shocked me was how blantantly obvious it was. I went to the front of the house for more shots and a builder working next door made a comment about how odd it was and i explained to him what it was. He looked oddly at me!!!! Within 20 minutes the sky around the chemtrail developed a hazey cloudy appearance and 3 hours later the remnants can still be seen, amongst an artificial plume of hazey cloud cover; which is an obvious creation of the chemtrail. We have to take action. This is our air, our weather, our health, our basic human rights to survive!!!

    People power is a force; look at Egypt! We have to have a voice beyond the internet...NOW!!!